Hvidsten Group is a privately-owned commercial real estate development and investment company based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company takes pride in its affiliation with Hvidsten Eiendom AS, which for three decades has experienced success in acquiring, rebuilding and developing property in Oslo and Stockholm, Scandinavia.

In Thailand, Hvidsten Group invests in both pre-built and Greenfield real estate projects, while affiliated business units are involved in trading, imports and exports.

While acquisitions and Greenfield investments in Scandinavian real estate have played big roles in shaping the business of Hvidsten Eiendom AS, the company has received strong and positive recognition for its active participation in the rebirth and restoration of neglected and decaying parts of Oslo, the capital of Norway. Seeing the potential, Hvidsten restored a large number of historic properties to their former condition and also converted abandoned commercial spaces into desirable residential units. This strategic foresight has paid off as neighbourhoods that were previously overlooked were eventually transformed into active and vibrant communities populated by a large number of businesses and private residents.

Hvidsten Eiendom AS has also been considered a pioneer in launching branded and original concepts for a young audience in the Norwegian capital. The success of this business model inspired others to follow and gave the company a reputation of being a forerunner in the market.


Hvidsten strives to be a progressive organisation that delivers the highest standards of performance in all our ventures. 

Building on our foundation of high integrity and philanthropy, we are committed to our heritage and reputation by continuing to provide value, innovation and excellence in all our endeavors. With a sense of pride and respect for others, we will pursue personal responsibility, a sense of spirit and a commitment to the success of our employees, our customers, our community and each other.


We aim to create values by developing, acquiring and managing quality properties while pledging to innovation, sustainability and community.

Quality & Innovation

Whether we speak of Quality Lifestyle or Quality Construction, Hvidsten’s corporate goal remains the same – to create inspiring spaces and enhance the environment we operate in.

To achieve its goals Hvidsten has set out to build partnership models and delivery benchmarks that will help the company adhere to and reflect its brand promise, Integrity, Quality and Design.


When property buyers place too much emphasis on surface materials and workmanship when considering a new home, they risk overlooking some of the most critical factors; namely Safety, Energy and Privacy (SEP) features. These features are often dropped by developers who seek maximised profits at the expense of satisfied customers. Hvidsten integrates these features to reduce energy needs and to increase privacy – and especially safety – for their customers.


Urban renewal has been a trademark of Hvidsten and given the company an edge in the market. The drive to preserve history for future generations has been part of Hvidsten’s commitment to enhancing the environment and giving back to society. We are committed to enriching and improving the vitality of our communities. We accomplish this by encouraging involvement of all associates in community activities and through development of fine communities.