Hvidsten Eiendom

While acquisitions and Greenfield investments in Scandinavian real estate have played big roles in shaping the business of Hvidsten Eiendom AS, the company has received strong and positive recognition for its active participation in the rebirth and restoration of neglected and decaying parts of Oslo, the capital of Norway. Seeing the potential, Hvidsten restored a large number of historic properties to their former condition and also converted abandoned commercial spaces into desirable residential units. This strategic foresight has paid off as neighbourhoods that were previously overlooked were eventually transformed into active and vibrant communities populated by a large number of businesses and private residents.

Hvidsten Eiendom AS has also been considered a pioneer in launching branded and original concepts for a young audience in the Norwegian capital. The success of this business model inspired others to follow and gave the company a reputation of being a forerunner in the marketplace.